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Kernow a'gas dynergh

The Cornish Guide - Cornwall / Kernow

The Cornish Guide - Cornwall / Kernow

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"Managing Cornwall's environment..."

Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Age group: 5+

Location: All of Cornwall


Contact: N/A

TEL: 01872 273939


Cornwall Wildlife Trust is a registered charity, founded in 1962, which fulfils a role occupied by no other countryside organisation. They are concerned solely with Cornwall and involved in the many aspects of conserving the county’s wildlife and wild places.


Cornwall Wildlife Trust owns or manages a total of 57 nature reserves in total throughout Cornwall, in which examples of each of Cornwall's habitats give refuge to nationally rare and endangered species. Their detailed knowledge of Cornwall's habitats, based on years of survey work, places them in a unique position to defend the wildlife outside nature reserves; they work closely with other conservation organisations, local authorities and land owners to encourage best practice in land management for the county’s environment.


Local and specialist groups, mostly made up of keen volunteers, work on a variety of local conservation projects and run many of our events. Anyone can join these groups, they are always happy to see new faces!


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