Your Comprehensive Guide to Cornwall - the UK's Top Holiday Destination The Complete Guide to Cornwall!

Kernow a'gas dynergh

The Cornish Guide - Cornwall / Kernow

The Cornish Guide - Cornwall / Kernow

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Where you can cycle in the countryside:


Public roads, including unclassified roads, bridleways (there are 29,000kms available to use in the whole of the UK - they are open to walkers and horse riders as well as cyclists, provided cyclists give way to both these users), byways open to all traffic (also known as ‘BOATs’ - these are usually unsurfaced tracks. As well as walkers and horse riders, you may meet occasional vehicles that also have right of access), restricted byways, towpaths (a British Waterways cycling permit is required for cyclists wishing to use their canal towpaths), designated cycle paths, The National Cycle Network, and cycle tracks designated under the Cycle Tracks Act 1984.


Where you cannot go:


On footpaths (unless a landowner has given permission - this is the case, for example, on parts of the National Cycle Network), on disused railway lines, unless they have been waymarked and designated as cycle paths,  across open land unless special permission has been granted.


Make sure you cycle responsibly:


Give way to pedestrians, wheelchair users and horse-riders, leaving them plenty of room. When passing horses take extra care, they are spooked easily so never pass without calling out a warning. Keep to your side of any dividing line and be prepared to slow down or stop if necessary.


Don’t expect to cycle at high speeds. Reduce the speed when you don’t know what’s ahead.  Match your speed to the surface and your skills. Don’t surprise people – slow down and make them know you are coming. Fit and use lights in poor visibility. Remember that you are required by law to display working lights after dark. Go through puddles, not around them. Going round just makes them wider.


Walks & Multi-use Trails in Cornwall

As well as over 600 miles of breathtaking scenery along the coastal path, Cornwall has a number of popular multi-use trails suitable for walkers, cyclists, horse riders, etc.