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Kernow a'gas dynergh

The Cornish Guide - Cornwall / Kernow

The Cornish Guide - Cornwall / Kernow

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Port Isaac Pottery

Age group: 10+

Location: NORTH Cornwall


Contact: nr Port Isaac, PL29 3RG

TEL: 01208 880625


Port Isaac Pottery is located at Roscarrock Hill in the centre of Port Isaac in north Cornwall, which is not far from the harbour in the centre of the village.


It is run by Bill and Barbara Hawkins although they now include the work of the rest of the family; Faye Hawkins with her unique handmade ceramics and her exclusively designed baby and toddler clothing range “Small Fry”, and Jo Hawkins' upstairs gallery selling a range of giftware and clothing.


They use white Australian stoneware clay and the whole process takes 4-6 weeks from a lump of clay to a finished pot. The pot begins by being thrown on the wheel and then left to dry slowly for a day or two before being “turned” or trimmed into shape.


After more slow drying to remove all traces of moisture, the pot has the first “biscuit” firing up to 1000 degree's C.The glaze is applied by dipping and the base is wiped clean to prevent the pot bonding to the kiln shelf. At this stage Barbara hand paints the surface with under-glaze colours.


The second “gloss” firing follows in the gas-fired kiln and reaches temperatures of nearly 1300oC.


It takes approximately 18 hours to do this firing and it is a critical process. The kiln is then left to cool slowly for a further two days.


The final application are the precious metal lustres; gold and platinum. They are painted on as an on-glaze process and then fired in the electric kiln to 760oC.



Polzeath 5 miles, Wadebridge 8 miles, Tintagel 10 miles