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The Cornish Guide - Cornwall / Kernow

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Museum of Celebrity Leftovers

Age group: 8+

Location: EAST Cornwall


Contact: nr Kingsand, PL10 1NF

TEL: 01752 829011


A somewhat eccentric, yet intriguing attraction in east Cornwall is the Museum of Celebrity Leftovers. is exactly what it sounds like my bewties; odds & sods of famous people's food..!


One day, at the Old Boaststore Cafe in Kingsand, David Bailey, the famous photographer, popped in. Nothing untoward there of course. He chomped away on a cheese and tomato sandwich but he left a bit. So thrilled were the Bennetts (the owners of the cafe) that this famous photographer had stopped by they wanted to commemorate the moment somehow. And they came up with the notion of preserving Bailey's leftover for posterity.


"We kept it wrapped in a paper bag for quite a while," Michael says, but then Paul Heiney, the TV presenter, came in. "And he left a butter wrapper. And then, about a week later, in came Hugh Dennis. He had an egg sandwich. He didn't leave any leftovers so I had to pick the eggshell out of the bin. And that's when we decided to get the mineral specimen jars."


The Museum of Celebrity Leftovers was born. To look at, it's nothing more than a small decorative shelf covered with petite domes, all of which contain a morsel of food or even just wrappings. "I wanted to give it an end-of-the-pier feel. It's a bit of seaside fun basically. I'm pretty sure it's the world's smallest museum, although I tried to get it verified by the Guinness Book of Records but for some reason they wouldn't allow it!"


So, next time you are in Kingsand, and you feel like either eating in the same place as a 'celebrity', or simply want to just look at the food they once nibbled, you may enjoy the Museum of Celebrity Leftovers!

Kingsand 0.5 miles, Torpoint 6 miles