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The Cornish Guide - Cornwall / Kernow

The Cornish Guide - Cornwall / Kernow

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Levant Beam Engine & Mine

Age group: 8+

Location: WEST Cornwall


Contact: nr St Just, TR19 7SX

TEL: 01736 786156  


Levant Mine, within the St Just Mining District, is part of the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site and the magical mine workings of Levant extend for over a mile under the sea bed. The mine produced Copper (the original focus of Levant's mining industry), Tin: there are two tin-dressing floors at the mine, and Arsenic: a lucrative but deadly by-product of tin ore.


The mine is a powerful reminder of the innovation of people who spent each day underground. Buildings and ruins offer a window on another world where men, women and children toiled to extract the riches of the earth from beneath the sea. Such a dark and foreboding place to work every day no doubt. The miners in west Cornwall had many quirky traditions in an effort to ward off bad luck in fact; no whistling was allowed for one as it was thought to upset the knackers (little folk who were believed to inhabit the mines my luvvers!). A miner also thought he would weaken his back if he washed & cleaned it, and of course, legend tells us that the crust on the outside of a pasty was nothing more than a barrier to keep the food inside it clean. Seems we have a lot to thank these miners for..!


Levant was first recorded on a map in the mid-18th century, and provided people of the local area with work and money until its closure in 1930. By 1836, 320 men, 44 women and 186 children were employed on the site.


In 2006, the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape was granted World Heritage Site (WHS) status for its outstanding historic and cultural significance and Levant Mine is now a key location within the WHS.



DID YOU KNOW..? The average wage for a miner in 1910 was between £4 15s and £7 a month!

St Just 3 miles, Sennen 8 miles