Your Comprehensive Guide to Cornwall - the UK's Top Holiday Destination The Complete Guide to Cornwall!

Kernow a'gas dynergh

The Cornish Guide - Cornwall / Kernow

The Cornish Guide - Cornwall / Kernow

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Transparent hand arrow pointing down Beach Safety - Top 10 Beach Safety Tips

Here we will explain what the different coloured flags on the beach mean:

Beach Flags and what they mean

Always supervise young children - They are the age group most at risk!



The water may be cold & cause shock!


There are very strong currents in certain areas!


Remember that water depths alter with the tides. It may be shallower than you think!


Submerged rocks may not be visible!






They are designed for swimming pools not the sea!






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Beach Safety - Know Your Flags

Red & Yellow = SAFE TO SWIM
Red = DANGER - DO NOT ENTER THE WATER! Beaches in Cornwall with Lifeguards