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The Cornish Guide - Cornwall / Kernow

The Cornish Guide - Cornwall / Kernow

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The Arthurian Centre

Age group: 6+

Location: NORTH Cornwall


Contact: nr Camelford, PL32 9TT

TEL: 01840 212450


If you have an avid interest in King Arthur a visit to the Arthurian Centre is a must.


The legend of King Arthur and his court were in circulation long before the first books emerged from William Caxton’s printing press.


The first direct mention of this great sovereign of romance occurs in the account by Nennius in his ‘ Historia Brittonum’ circa 800 where he states that “..Arthur alone slew 960 of the enemy in a single attack..”. It is not surprising that wonderful legends grew up about the British chieftain and that, by the early 12th Century, stories concerning Arthur were firmly established in Brittany and Cornwall.


It was in the 12th Century and after that the great medieval writers such as Chretien de Troyes, Geoffrey of Monmouth and Malory gave us a powerful King, dressed in shining armour, together with the young and beautiful Queen Guinevere. Her beauty captivated both Arthur and Lancelot but her love for both led to the destruction of The Round Table and all the great company of knights. It is a rich tradition of romantic narrative, which satisfies our need for heroes and heroines.


The poet Alfred Lord Tennyson visited here in 1848 and was inspired to write the “ Idylls of the King”. Much has been written since then, both by scholars and novelists and today there are Arthurian Societies throughout the world.


A medieval welcome awaits you at the Arthurian Centre!

Camelford 2 miles, Tintagel 5 miles, Port Isaac 9 miles